Hi. Nice to meet you. My name is André Havt, but you can call me Havt. I’m a creative director, art director, designer, photographer, curator, musician, father and bike rider. 
If I could point out just one thing about my work it's my passion for telling stories. In any form. Whether it is a 30-second spot, in a song, in a post, stories, or even in a tweet. In fact, it is amazing how much noise you can have with just one tweet. I have had stories in a museum exhibition, which actually changed the lives of 9 young favela residents. I have had stories which united people around inclusion in sport and that brought people from different cultures together to tell stories of solidarity and compassion. I have worked on products to help tell stories and ease the pain of sick children and another one that uses technology to amplify stories and make them more frightening. Collaborative, engaging, entertaining, emotional, and, most important, stories that are remembered. As a matter or a fact my passion for photography comes from telling stories through images. The photos that I find most enchanting are the ones that I can imagine a story behind. The more I can expand and overflow the moment captured into a story, the happier I am with the result. In short, this is my story, storytelling.
I was lucky throughout my career to win some national and international awards telling these stories. And during this journey I managed to engage and teach some nice stories in lectures, events and classes at major educational institutions.
Cannes Lions: Short List (2021), Bronze (2019), Silver (2018) and 2 Bronze (2017) | Clio: 1 Grand Prix, 2 Golds, 2 silver (2018) | Graphis Advertising Annual | One Show | CCSP | Nominee for Brazil's Best Featured Art Director from the Brazil's Advertising Association Award 2017 (Won in 2009) | Rogerio Steinberg Award 2010, 2013, 2017: Best Rio de Janeiro’s Art Director

Creator and curator of "Favelagrafia" Exhibit at the Rio de Janeiro's Museum of Modern Art (2016 and 2019)
Creator of "Literatura Exposta" Exhibit at Casa França Brasil - 2018

Teaching, lectures and speeches:
ESPM University - 2007-2009
FGV University - 2018
Path Festival 2017
Rio Design Festival 2017
Brazil’s Photography Association 2017
ESPM University 2017 
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