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O case

 We built up a false mobile phone store to see what would happen if mobile phone companies tells the truth about the “Free Mobile Phone Practice”.
The sales man are actors. The consumers are real.
- The free is not exactly free
- What
- The mobile phone is fee, but not exactly. Because we divide the price in your bill every month.
- We are going to hide the price of the phone in your bill. And your are not going to notice.
- I can not understand you. If is going to be on my bill, it’s not free. You are tricking me.
- The truth is we are going to distribute the price of the phone in small parts on your bill.
- It’s going to be hidden and you are not going to notice.
- I’am not a clown. I have no time to waist.
- But I’m giving you the phone.
- But something free, that you gave me, you can’t charge me for that.
- At the end you have paid more than 5 mobile phone and didn’t even notice. The companies love it.
At Oi is not like that. Compare.
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